Hostel Accommodations in the Old City of Dubrovnik


Welcome to Old Town Hostel

This is a dream come true for one backpacker who wandered around the world and finally found the ideal place to run a business and call home.

Hi. My name is Mike Kustra. I was raised in New York, but my father is from Dalmatia. Growing up as a child, my family and I came to Croatia to visit my grandmother. Each time we came, we explored different parts of Croatia. The first time I came to Dubrovnik it became my favorite city.

After college, I took time off and backpacked around the globe. I trekked the Himalayas, chilled out on the beaches of Thailand and ventured inside the Pyramids of the Giza. These experiences and many more, have shaped the way I view the world.

While travelling, I have experienced the beauties of many people, languages and cultures. I was fortunate to have meet so many amazing people, stayed in so many warm and welcoming places, and shared in so many beautiful and unique cultures.

Throughout it all, I learned a tremendous amount about the beauty of humanity. That we are all united, and that we all want to be happy.

At the end of my last trip, I ended up in Dubrovnik. That is when I knew I wanted to be part of this special town. The qualities of Dubrovnik are unique. From the rising stone wall fortifications, to the clear blue Adriatic sea, and within the hearty resilience of the locals, Dubrovnik is a great place to be.

Within days, I looked for a piece of property that I could work with. Luckily, during that stay, I was able to find a place.

The building was in rough shape. It needed a lot of repair.
We knocked down walls, carried away stone, laid down floors and numerous other tough tasks. Over the course of a year, we renovated the old building and brought it back to life. It was a labor of love.

With a lot of hard work, family and friend's help, and a whole lot of  guidance from above;  the Old Town Hostel was opened in 2010.

Just as I have experienced the kindness and hospitality of the many wonderful places that I have stayed , I too wish to provide the same experience at this hostel.

I hope you stay here. We would like you to have a safe, fun, and memorable time here and within the
beauty of Dubrovnik. 


Michael Kustra and the Old Town Hostel Staff